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Friendship Is Magic has led to references to the program in popular culture. Retrieved 27 September According to Hasbro's Nicole Agnello, "Some viewers felt that aspects of the episode 'The Last Roundup' did not stay true to the core message of friendship which is the heart and soul of the series. Founded in JanuaryEquestria Daily had over 36 million pageviews in its first 9 months, [45] and has since surpassed million views June In some cases, pet play is seen as a loving, quiet cuddling time where there is no need for verbalizations and the simple act of stroking, rubbing and holding the other partner is satisfying or reassuring in and of itself for those involved. Non-sexual animal roleplay was a common and integral part of ritual in many tribal cultures both in recent and likely prehistoric times, where a member or members of the tribe would take the role physically and often spiritually of an animal that was either revered or hunted. For the documentary film about the fandom, see Bronies:

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Hipsters love children's programming".

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Animal roleplay

A romp on the wild side: These are humans who live part-time as one type of animal, and part-time as another. She is held in bondage using a dog leashone end of which is held by her master. Friendship Is Magic, Live from Bronycon! Lexicographer Grant Barrett listed "brony" as a memorable new word of

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